Mobile Phone Unlocking Service

If you are one of those who feel worried about getting the phone unlocked from locked networks, security code, pattern locks or Google locks, then Darwin Cellular is the expert you should turn to.

We offer phone unlocking services for the leading brands, regardless the model. Your phone will be unlocked in a couple of minutes, and can rest assure your data and preset system files will not be affected. All this can be done at a nominal price. We are simply the best when it comes to mobile phone unlocking services.


Unlocking Phone Services

We are confident to unlock almost every mobile phone that is available in the market.

At Darwin Cellular, we believe that once you pay for your phone, it’s yours. This means the freedom to move to a new service provider, upgrade from a pre-paid plan to a monthly plan or remove security locks placed on the device, things that can’t be done on a locked phone. We are way ahead of our competitors in terms of mobile phone unlocking services. We offer unlocking phone service for more than 98% of all phones currently available. By unlocking phone service for your device, you can:

Capitalize On Special Offers

There’s a bit of pain when you see the phone that you want, on sale, with a different service provider. Of course, you could pay the termination fee and sign up with the new company, but that cancels out any savings you might get on the phone. In unlocking phone service, you can purchase almost any device, from any source, and immediately connect it to your current service provider.

Earn More When You Sell

If you’re someone who loves to stay on the cutting edge of technology, you know how expensive a new device can be, but you can soften the blow by selling your old phone. A locked phone appeals to a limited market, because they either have to use your current provider, or pay for unlocking phone service on their own. An unlocked phone, on the other hand, has no such limitations, and fetches a much higher price when reselling.

Gain Worldwide Coverage

Travelers know the limitations of their phone service when they go out of the country, and they either have to pay extremely high roaming charges or buy a disposable phone while they travel. The solution is an unlocked phone. With such a device, all you have to do is purchase a SIM card from a vendor in the area where you travel, and you can maintain your service and avoid additional fees.

Remove Bloatware

Virtually, every smartphone comes equipped with bloatware, programs installed by the manufacturer and service provider that no one really uses. Unfortunately, these programs slow down the operation of your phone, take up space, and cannot be removed. Unlocking phone services strip the device of uninstall restrictions, so you can get rid of the bloatware you never wanted.

Our unlocking phone service protects the integrity of the system files and your personal information, making your transition to an unlocked phone as seamless as possible. Contact us to get a quote.

  • iPhone (ANY Network, including overseas iPhones)
  • Nokia
  • HTC
  • Samsung
  • Sony Ericsson
  • Blackberry
  • ZTE
  • LG
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