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Things you should note before buying a used iphone/ipad

If you are a big fan of the Apple brand but you are not able to buy an iphone or an ipad because of its high price, you can definitely consider the option of purchasing a used one. Buying a second hand apple gadget can be a little tricky. It will surely save a lot of money for you, but at the same time there are plenty of pitfalls that you can ignore.

You should definitely check out for the following things so that the second hand device doesn’t act as a burden on your head:

  • When to buy?

The resale value of any second hand gadget depends on its age, as its price tends to decrease over the time. Therefore, the ideal time to check prices of the current, as well as previous models is when a new generation of the brand releases and hence, the prices of older versions tend to reduce.

  • Make sure it is unlocked

Before you finally buy a used iphone or an ipad, make sure it is unlocked and is working absolutely fine. Be careful because someone may be trying to sell you a stolen device which is locked. If this is the case, then you surely wouldn’t like to buy it, right?

But there is a different aspect to this, suppose you are buying a locked iphone from a friend, relative or someone you know very well, you can still buy it and get it unlocked at a store near you at a minimal cost. There are a number of mobile phone unlocking service centres available now for unlocking phones.

  • Overall condition

If you are ready to buy a second hand device, you must be prepared that there will be a few dents and scratches on it. If you are buying one from an online retailer, make sure it is a trusted one and it is posting authentic and real photos of the device you are about to purchase.

Also, know the proper reason why an individual is after you to sell his old ipad at a very nominal cost. Maybe it was damaged by water and he didn’t wanted to take the pain of getting it fixed at an ipad repair centre for his ipad water damage repair.

  • Check your device immediately

As soon as you take the device in your hands, check it properly to ensure everything is fine with it. There shouldn’t be any lines running through the screen or any sort of colour bleeding. Check by making and receiving calls, sending texts, browsing the internet, checking buttons functionality, charging it, checking contents of your memory card on the device, etc.

Keep in mind the above listed points if you decide to buy a second hand iphone or an ipad to make the most out of your hard earned money. All the Best to you!


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